Are they all in tiles?

Yes, all of Kulleroo designs are modular, they come in square or planks. For specific
dimension see product page. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

How are carpet tiles installed?

Kulleroo carpet tiles are easy to DIY, that’s part of what they are designed for. See ourinstallation guide page or talk to us for any questions.

What are the surface I can install carpet tiles on?

Kulleroo carpet tiles can be placed on any timber, wooden or concrete surface, its backing
design ensure tiles stay perfectly flat while still providing flexibility and comfort.

How do I clean carpet tiles?

Kulleroo are designed with ease of clean and maintenance in mind. Being modular, it means
you just need to take out the dirty ones for cleaning, simply use paper towel or cloth to
swipe off, use warm water to rinse and scrub with cloth, apply dishwashing liquid if stain

What are the carpet tiles made of?

To reduced impact on our environment, Kulleroo utilize recycled material in carpet tiles.
They are mostly made from synthetic polyamide for yarn face, and its backing materials are
PVC or PU based depend on specific product.

What is the thickness of the carpet tiles?

Depends on type of backing and specific design, Kulleroo carpet tiles thickness range from 5
mm to 10 mm.

Can you install padding under the carpet tiles?

You can, but carpet tiles are design to be place on flat hard surface like timber, wooden floor or concrete.

Can carpet tiles be installed on steps?

Yes, our carpet tiles are suitable for stairs installation. However, we recommend using stair
treads to cover connections at corners. Due to the carpet tile backing, they cannot be overly

What happens if the tiles get wet?

Simply wipe off liquid using any cloth, paper towel. If needed, leave it dry in shade.

Can it be steam cleaned?

No problem, in most case you would find soap and water is enough to keep it tidy!


How much is the shipping cost?

Most of our carpet tiles and rug designs include free shipping. If you wish to place bulk
order, speak to us for a quote.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We will try to dispatch your order on the day or next business day, the general time frame
for delivery to metro area, major cities are around 2‐5 days depends on location.

Will it delivered to my door?

Yes, our courier will try to deliver to your door. In the case of no attendance to delivery, item
will be left at local parcel collection point and post office for collection. You can also let us
know if you wish to leave package at your front door.

Note: Some order may come in two or three packages. In most case, each bundle consist two
box of carpet tiles. For instance, a 1.5 m by 2 m order will come in two boxes packed
together. Items may be heavy. For ease of handling, cut loose the bundle and carry one box at a time.